M  o  v  i  e  r  D  e  t  a  i  l  s
  Movier It is digital data web site for world of cinema.
  Goal Digital Cinema
      E  s  t  a  b  l  i  s  h  D  e  t  a  i  l  s
  Version 1.0
  -  Date 26.01.2012
  -  Founder J.Sankaradass
  -  Supporter K.Vinoth
      U  s  e  s  D  e  t  a  i  l  s
  Movie Guide1 It's help to one hundred percentage details of every movie
  Movie Mark1 It's marking/differenciate of quality movie for visitors/guest/users
  Zero Capacity1 This website will be zero percentage memory occupy in your system
1. This feature's are coming soon.